Welcome back to me and thank you for being patient. Let’s Recap!!

Hey guys thank you so much for being here with me all the way. I am happy to say that I am back to my website! I love the way it looks and the way i feel posting through it now. Happy new year!!
I will take that opportunity to express a few things that are on my mind at this present time. I hope you enjoy looking around the website as it is and keep in mind that more is coming so come back and check for me as often as you can and try to comment. I know y’all prefer interacting with me on twitter or instagram but i am trying to bring everybody here instead i think its more personal to talk here. Dont you?
Where have I been
I have been living my life!! I moved to a brand new place of ours and settled in so i had to take the time to make this house a home. As you know by now I am married with a lot of children so as much as i love doing what i do i have to make sure my household functions properly before anything else. I took the time to settle and take care of mines while being pregnant!! Yes, a beautiful baby girl was cooking inside my sexy self. Now that 2014 is here i can reevaluate and plan what i want to do and how which is the reason I am back now.
Marriage can be one complicated thing and i will be honest and say that i really had to learn about how to manage it all. I don’t want to confuse you, I am in a good place and i hope to be blessed forever but there is so much adjusting you have to do that I had to figure out what was my priorities and make sure that i wasn’t loosing myself in it. I needed to find a balance between what I wanted to do, how I wanted to do it while making sure that my children was being taken care of and that my husband was okay. My issue with it all is that I am the type of wife that cooks two-three times a day depending on whether my children are at school/nursery or at home. I am the time of woman who cleans and do errands. Being that type of housewife lead to my husband and kids to be used to food cooked by me and clothes washed by me and I still don’t know how to make that transition of hiring someone to do it for them while i am away for work.
I am struggling to find that balance between catering to my family and some “me” time without them feeling like I am not here for them.
I was also pregnant so even though my husband does help and i have brilliant kids it just felt like I was loosing myself in trying to find time for me. I am still trying to figure it all out but i have to say that now that the pregnancy out of the way things are staring to clear out and i have managed to find the appropriate school programs, childminders for my daughters and activities they can do while I’m either working, studying or relaxing.
It’s about finding the balance in everything and making sure that you are healthy and happy. I don’t know know how you guys feel about it all but feedback/comment is you feel the same same or want tot share your experience. On that note, It was my wedding anniversary this January!! Yeah!!
screenshot-by-nimbus (3)
The importance of restoration of self
This is very important for me in this year of 2014. When you have gone through a lot in life and you feel like you are none stop working or taking care of something/someone you come to a place where you slowly lose your mind and most of the time you may not even know it until you have a nervous break down!
It is very important to take care of yourself and take the time to heal all the things you feel should be resolved in order for you to move on or rest well. I personally feel exhausted because of the things I have spoken about above that’s why i am taking this year to do what I want to do such as traveling more for myself instead of business. Express myself more through arts and be in touch with my passion instead of feeling the pressure of having to release anything soon. Explore. This year I want to relax and explore while gently do the things i love to do in entertainment.
Take care of your mental health. Take care of your physical health. Love the people you have around and be choosy of the people you want around. Think and care for other but do not jeopardize who you are for it.  Take care of your household and make sure everything runs smoothly but do not lose yourself doing it. Basically, find the balance and find happiness.
Where to find me
The answer to this is would be, right here at http://www.TambuChristel.com!!
I am on instagram and I am on twitter. My IG is set to private because I share pictures of things that goes on in my private life and I feel like if you want to see them then you should be a IG friend. I do not wish to give my life away for people and their negativity so if you are genuine and which to follow me then i will accept you. If you start acting crazy then i shall block you – IG: TAMBUCHRISTEL
My twitter goes under the same user name. I love interacting with people on twitter but I want to cool it all and to do so I decided to share links on there from here in hope that you all will start talking to me here instead of there. Twitter is good for business and meeting new people but it’s also too open for me. I am finding comfort here and i wish to see you comment and share experiences and journeys with me here –  Twitter: TAMBUCHRISTEL
I am so thankful for your patience and interest in the things I do. I hope we grow strong together and communicate more….in here!! I appreciate your love and I hope that you all know i care for y’all too!!
With love, Tambu.

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