The w/ Dannielle Davis

New York (december 2010)

1. How long have you been singing? -I have been singing since I was 5-6years old but it was little girl singing nothing serious worth Grammys but I actually wrote my 1st song when I was nine and my hometown friends still remember it today! I actually decided to make it to a serious level the way I am now after my son passed away. Created my label and decided to be its first singer to keep his memory alive (smile) now here I am.

2. Who has personally/professionally inspired you to play music? How have they inspired you? -My son. He was and still is now my role model. No other human being show me so much strength. He made me who i am today so he deserves for me to make it up to him now. Now professionally, I would say Toni Braxton, Brandy and Whitney Houston. I love BoyzIImen. I love these women because I felt like my voice match them best and I could relate to them vocally which made it easier for me to copy what they would do and pretend to be them for a minute (smile).

3. Who/What were major influences behind the lyrics of your music? -My children. Once again my son is the number one star in my music because writing about him, my love for him and what he means to me helped me go trough grief. Grief is the hardest thing a person can ever live especially when it’s your child but music saved me. I have a daughter too (laugh) i know right…she is two and a half years old and to see her grow everyday give me a lot to write about so they both inspire me. I also talk about love and life but many other singers do so too, so i focus on different lyrical contents.

4. How did you meet Willie Norwood? What is the best advice he has given you pertaining to music? -I met him on TV and after watching him on Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business I saw in him an energy that i most def needed to have around me to lift my spirit up due to fact that my emotions are really up and down and I felt very welcome went we finally got to work together and the feeling i had at that particular time was priceless. He believes in my talent and told me to remain the same and also hint me on how greater of a singer i can actually become once i reach my full potential so i say “Whitney watch out!” (laugh).

5. What memorable moments have you had while performing live in front of audiences? -People take pictures of me and videos while i sing? and i am like damn am i gon’ end up on youtube? (laughs) It is good to know you’re touching people and when they don’t know the lyrics of your songs as you may be new in the game they kind of catch the 1st chorus and then try to catch up until the end of the songs with the same hook and shout key words of the songs until the end. It’s crazy and you feel very appreciated (smile).

6. What is the largest audience you have played in front of? -Two hundred. It wasn’t my show only. It was a showcase type and many other artists were there. To be honest with you they probably didn’t even know I would be there as I didn’t feature on the flyer and I ain’t known but they most definitely got to know me there and that’s more “fans” for me (laugh).

7. What is your favorite venue you have played, thus far? -It was at a place down Orange County by Los Angeles area in California. I cannot wait to do a big show in New York but I think nothing will compare to doing a massive show in London, Oh my god. London is where all this started for me so it would be like returning home but 1st things first. I have to slow down and take things a step at a time.

8. Where do you currently reside? Where are you originally from? -I live in Los Angeles right now but I lived in London for so long that i call it “home” and as soon as I reach my millions I am most definitely buying my house down south London. I was born and raised in Switzerland though with a background African I am originally from Congo. So shout out to all my ‘Kinshasa’ people (laugh). It’s the capital of Congo.

9. How long have you been signed with Da Strong Ones Records & Management? When did you create the record label? -It has been legally here since July 2009 I registered it to secure its name originally but it has been ‘active’ since December 2009. I am the only singer to it but has 2-3 producers on the line to get signed once the label gets more establish. I don’t wanna chain them down yet as I gotta make sure I give them the right things and opportunities.

10. Who personally/professionally inspired you to begin singing? -The spice girls!!!! I am actually for real!

11. When can listeners expect a full album for release? -I have spoken to a soon-to-be agent and we both agreed that I have a unique style. My background and story is different. He actually called me a female Bob Marley because he says of me being revolutionary (laugh) I guess I am trying to use my life to make sure I lift other people up in fact this may be what’s keeping me alive right about now. I wanted to work with Timbaland at 1st then I changed to Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and now I feel like Kanye West would be the best producer for me because of his creativity so I don’t know how this is going to play out but it looks like I may have to take extra time in building my own music with my production skills and join an establish producers to take it all professionally to the next level which I still believe this producer should be Kanye. I contacted him, thanks to my big sis, now let’s see. I will not disappoint on this debut album I have too much to talk about and i write and do so many things. What is for sure though is that you will not see a Tambu naked, having sex with the mic and talking about how she wanna get f*ck all day to sell music. I do read blogs and such and many “fans” are getting tired of major artist selling sex even though selling sex is what certain artist ONLY have so i’ll keep it real with myself and let my voice, lyrics, work and story talk for me.

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