PRESS RELEASE: Former X-Factor Contestant Launches Her Own Record Label, Single and Album.

Former X-Factor Contestant Launches Her Own Record Label, Single and Album 

Just over one year after auditioning with thousands of others for the X-Factor contest, ambitious and highly talented contestant Tambu-Christel Pembele has not only formed her own record label but has recorded one of the best début albums from a female RnB singer for a long time. The album will be released in a few months time but Tambu’s début single ‘Preach’ is available on 12th March and looks set to make this innovative performer one of 2010’s finest newcomer breaking acts.

22 year old Tambu was born in Switzerland but has been in the UK for some time now. Her début album ‘Sychotherapy of a Grieving Soul’ effectively showcases her distinctive voice and comprises of a selection of well-written and carefully chosen RnB and soul tracks with a lot of HIP HOP influences.

Having grown up seeing her idols Jay-Z and Puff Daddy set up their own highly successful record companies Tambu has long had ambitions to be recognised as one of the first women in the music industry to set up her own label and scale the country to sign up other young fresh artists.

This forthcoming release of her début album ‘Sycotherapy of a Grieving Soul’ looks set to firmly establish Tambu-Christel Pembele as one of the UK’s brightest new female performers. The album is based upon a story of a girl who is at ease with her own personal world until she takes her first steps into the real world and experiences an uncomfortable, cold and harsh environment. Here she feels totally lost in a world where people seem to have no love or heart. Tambu’s writing and soulful vocals tell the story with great feeling and emotion.

The new single ‘Preach’ will be available for download for £1.25 from 12th March at . Both will be available to download in major digital stores by Def Jam shortly. and the début album available at £12.99 for PRE-ORDER at
Both the single and the album will then shortly be available through Itunes, Rhapsody, MusicNet, Napster, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3 Front Line,, shockHound, IMVU, emusic, and ROCKBAND.

Fans, friends and those from the music industry can keep in touch with Tambu during her exciting launch into the music world. You can reach her at:

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