X-Factor: 2009

Photo0349 The things you find when you tidy up!!

I did take part of the x-factor a few years ago and i obviously didn’t win or got even close to do so but it was…errrmmm…interesting? I met beautiful people and learn so much about the business side of anything you see on TV. This entertainment world we love so much is so fake i’ts unbelievable but it is what it is, entertainment.

I am glad i took part because it shaped my mind frame and help me get into the business side of my field and understand what works in this business and how it is meant to work. I will develop in other posts but here are some pictures for you!

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele

News — Tambu christel Pembele

2013-02-24_17-01-34_1 2013-02-24_17-01-49_1

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