Thank you Nicole Murphy – @nicole_murphy

Remember the days i couldn’t stop talking about Lisaraye Mccoy?! well I’m back at it with Nicole Murphy!! I didn’t know they had a show called “HOLLYWOOD EXES” and when i caught up on it and check out the show…it happen that the show is way better than all these fake ass reality TV shows out there!!

These women are real, honest, friendly and far from ratchet!! As a young woman who didn’t have a mum around as mines past away when i was 3years old, i always look up to GROWN mature women as a reminder of what kind of mother, wife i want to be!! I love these woman on the show, they hold each other down and help each other out and its SINCERE!!

Click this link to catch up with the Exes.

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele3


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