Me and Mr. Norwood: Vocal Coach

I love this man!!

I reached out to Mr. Norwood when his family had their show, Ray J & Brandy: Family business. I remember watching the show saying to myself “This man has such a peaceful spirit” and then I wondered if he offered vocal coaching to the general public or if he was exclusive to his daughter and the people their know. I researched and found out they did offer vocal coaching world wide!! I obviously inquired and I was thrilled when I was told i would start my lesson with him!


I used to have a Facebook page so I shared videos with my followers at the time then i deleted it. People were happy for me as they know that I have loved Brandy forever and they felt like it was my beginning to greatness. I know the music industry and I know how it works now. Mr. Norwood didn’t discover me he is just my vocal coach. I am grateful non-the-less because he made me a better singer in 5 lessons. I believe I had one lesson of 45minutes a week and it kept on getting better.

wilMy voice hasn’t improved as of late because i pretty much stopped singing and practicing but now that I am back to working on my album I shall get back to my roots and sing my butt off!!

You can reach out to him yourself too. He does lessons via sky too and don’t get it twisted the lessons online do work!! This man will make sure you become the best singer you can possibly be.

Welcome back Mr. Norwood. I missed you!

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