Investment opportunity: GoldGenie

My husband and I tried some GoldGenie products to see how serious this business opp. was in order to figure out if that’s something we want to do.

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele3

The company owned by Mr. Roomes first developed a unique portable gold-plating machine, which quickly allowed it to establish a successful niche market in the automotive industry. Soon, Goldgenie was gold-plating car emblems for Lexus, Honda, and Toyota dealerships across the UK. The next step saw the Goldgenie product and service range expand into the personal market. items like jewelry, golf clubs, Nokia mobile phones and also a variety of household objects including high-end bath taps and fittings.

dragons_den_gedLaban Roomes himself first came to public notice in the UK when he hit the was invited to Hollywood to distribute  over fifty gold-plated mobile phones at the ‘Emmy’ Awards to top stars like Helen Mirren and Denzel Washington. A commission to gold-plate artifacts at a Hindu temple in London followed and Laban was fortunate enough to acquire Simon Woodroffe of Yo!Sushi fame as a business mentor. This led to a now famous appearance on BBC TV’s  Dragon’s Den where multi-millionaire James Caan saw the potential in both Laban Roomes and his company. Watch Laban face the Dragon’s in his original appearance below and how his life has changed rapidly since braving the Den.

With the backing of James Caan, Goldgenie is fulfilling its potential as a luxury gold-plating brand.



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