4 days, 3 countries and 1 business.

I am so lucky to be able to enjoy life. So many people live life but don’t enjoy it so I will give thanks for being able to do the things i like to do.

The pictures I will share on this post are pictures i took when i was traveling across Europe to close a deal that would have allowed me to fund my musical career and make sure i have financial stability for my family to be able to do what I do now. Unfortunately, the trip didn’t work out the way I wished it would so I had to carry on grinding until i found my perfect fit. I have now found the stabilyt I wanted but I thought i would share the fact that i didn’t get it all at once. It was a long journey but we got there eventually. Let’s carry on and get to the top!

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele1

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele2


Diary — Tambu christel Pembele3

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