My ‘Missy Elliott’ story

So, where do I start….

I was on holiday when I heard that Missy Elliot was coming around for a concert. I turned up at the door and said: “Listen, my name is Tambu and I was told I could get a pass to meet missy here…” etc and the staff members were trying to look me up in the system and they never found me so for security reasons they couldn’t let me in.

Eventually as they heard of someone making arrangement for me earlier that day, they called up Missy’s manager to ask her about the situation. She looked at me and said “so who are you?”

She eventually took me in and showed me the stage where Missy was to perform from the back door and left then someone came to me with a bracelet for the venue and I was finally in! Later that night, I actually got to meet missy at the Hotel she was staying at and we took that picture 🙂 she probably forgot about me now but I am sharing this story with you because meeting her was great and once again it was part of my journey to where I am about to be, musically. She seemed very nice and humble yet feisty in the sense that she seem to be the type of person who is going to be the nicest in the world but if she is done with you she is dddoooonneee!! and i loved that!

Check the pictures below:

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele missy elliot and I (montreux jazz festival 2010) 1

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