My ‘Michael Jackson’ memory.

Michael Jackson Mystery drink can

I was with my dad in Lausanne, Switzerland when I met Michael Jackson. He had a concert there when I was very young.

I didn’t really realize the opportunity my father gave me then so i didn’t take full advantage of it by taking pictures and all these “capture the moments” i do now. I mean meeting him? for real? but i remember that during the concert the crowed was CRAZY people were fainting and screaming their ass out i was like “Are they on crack?!”

Once the concert was finished though something stuck with me forever. He came to give me and my dad this energy drink :). Its taste stuck with me!! It’s a mix of feezy apple juice and red bull?! I know it may sound strange but it was lovely!!!!!! ALL GOLD EVERYTHING!! We lost such an amazing person. It’s a shame I didn’t realize then how lucky I was.

The drink picture was not taken by me but I have been wanting to share this story forever and seeing that drink again ALL these years later made me write about that special day and share it with you all 🙂

Last but not least, I will show you the picture i took of the latest house he had which is apparently the house he died in 😦 I did take these pictures though Los Angeles, CA enjoy:


Diary — Tambu christel Pembelepe

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