Going from a ‘concept’ to making it happen: Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.


From Da Strong Ones Record, limited to Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.

This picture was taken when i was still trying to figure out what I would do with my music firm. These days were days I had alot of meeting and discussions about the ideas I had for my company and at that time we offered the services below. I loved it maybe we can start again in the future.

  • BMI (broadcasting music inc) membership
  1. Music video distribution Tv & Vevo
  2. Official charts eligibility UK & IR and USA & CANADA
  3. Physical distributions HMVTescoLa fnacTarget and many more
  • Universal Music Group
  1. CD cover (album) artwork
  2. Audio mixing
  3. Audio mastering
  • Island Def Jam Records Digital Distributions
  1. Digital distributions to iTunesAmazonMP3Nokia etc…up to 18placement available
  2. Free barcode (USPC)
We have facilities for audio recordings, photoshoots, music videos and interviews recording. We also provid people with exclusive venues and well known presenters if clients wished to be booked for a formal and professional interviews for their products.
  • Recording studio
  • Photographers
  • Video directors

Our company also have a PR (Public Relations) departement. The team consists of journalists for press and magazine coverage, public appearences to exclusive events, bookings for radio and Tv shows.

  • Press Releases
  1. Newpapers (National & International)
  2. Magazines (National & International)
  3. Wikipedia profiles (if notable)
  • Exclusive Events
  1. Red carpet/ award shows with after parties
  2. Movie premieres with after parties
  3. Fashion weeks and many more with after parties
  • Radio and Tv talkshows bookings
We also have music seminars and exclusive meeting with people within the entertainement industry. We, as a company often meet these representatives to learn more about our field and keep track to what goes on in the industry.
  • Music seminars
  • Meetings with companies’ representatives (30 minutes one on one)
    1. Jive records
    2. Universal music
    3. Capitol records
    4. Bad boy records

Da Strong Ones record, Limited also has a distribution departement for artists who wishes to have their music in digital stores but also for those who wishes to have their music videos seen to gain more exposure. Other services are available to up and coming artists who wishes to benefit from what we do to bust their profile.

  • Digital distributions (audio)
  • Physical distributions (audio)
  • Video distributions (digital & physical)

Our company provide music submitions to festivals all over the world and awards ceremonies for those who wishes to gig and add a few live dates to their profile. Being rewarded is an amazing feeling as it represent a nation who appreciate your music and let you know that you made history with it so we offer this service for artists who have top recorded song made in professional standards.

  • Festival opportunities (mailing list available)
  • Gig opportunities (mailing list available)
  • Music placement
    1. Soundtracks
    2. Submit song to celebrities (for songwriters and producers only)
  • Music submitions to various opportunities

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