Brandy’s bday on Kempire radio

So my man @silentbx (twitter) posted a link on Facebook saying that a Brandy‘s birthday celebration was going down at Kempire Radio and that we should tune in so i did. I went and check out the link and the vibe was crazy Brandy was talking to the host and expressing her love (friendship) for @silentbx and it was sincere and touching and while she was talking to him I decided to call in and wish her a very happy birthday too but when I called every singers who wished her a happy birthday too sang for her and they were showing off their vocals as though she was a talent scout and I was like: ‘errmmm am I meant to sing too?!’

The radio station has mad love for her and it felt so good to be a part of that. All the supporters calling for her and we all shared our love for her music and said why her music meant so much to us etc…we all came here for the love we have for her and it was beautiful.

I finally called and shared that her dad is my vocal coach so it was only natural i took part. Check it out below and also make sure you check Silent‘s website at :

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